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TORI&DELI is located in Togoshi-Ginza, Tokyo and is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. We provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.

Ala Carte

On or about 1985-1986, the term "B class gourmet" was used to describe a certain type of food. It was a reference to inexpensive, casual country style cooking. here is our B Class menu.


Hero Chicken

Hero chicken
Hero Chicken; spicy chicken wings, was a nick name given by children in Yamaguchi prefecture. The children loves chicken so much that the name Hero Chicken was adapted.


Fried Chicken Leg

Fried Chicken Leg
Fried Chicken Leg (bone in) made with soy sauce taste, and flour and deep fried. The skin is crisp and the meat tend to be juicier. This is the best for any parties.


Choshu-Jidori Tsukune bar

Chosyu Jodori
Choshu-Jidori in Yamaguchi Pref. has features of moderately crunchy and rich flavor. The long chicken meat patty flavored with sweet shoyu sauce.


Seared Chicken Skin flavored with Ponzu

Seared Chicken Skin
It is lightly seasoned and easy to bite in to, and is very popular as staple at Izakaya and Yakitori store.


Dumpling (Gyoza)

This dish is made with chicken and vegetable filling wrapped in chicken skin and deep fried. It is served with Ponzu sauce (Japanese sauce and citrus juice) and is a popular dish in Hakata, Kyushu.


Deep Fried Chicken Skin

Chicken skin
Chicken Skin is marinated in our Karaage sauce before deep frying. It is served as is, or we also recommended it with Hawaiian Salsa Sauce. The skin can be chopped and sprinkled on salads as well.
*Subject to availability.


Ala Carte


Gyoroquette is pupolar fried fish cake originating from Oita Prefecture. It is made with fish paste , flour and deep fried.


Tuna Croquette

Tuna Croquette is made with tuna and Hokkaido potatoes, brended and deep fried.


Minced Tuna Croquette

Minced Tuna Croquette
For a healthier option instead of beef or pork, this dish is made with fresh ground tuna and vegetables, brended and deep fried.


Stewed Beef Tendon

Chicken skin
Stewed Beef Tendon is very popular Japanese stew at Izakaya (Japanese style Pub), made by simmering beef tendon, Daikon (Japanese radish) and Konjac (solidified jelly made of konjac potato) with soy sauce and fish broth for several hours.

JPY400 (100g)

Deep Fried Squid

Deep Fried Squid
Deep Fried Squid is an all time favorite food for everyone served with mayonnase and spices, and it's one of the most appetizing menus that go with beer, also white rice.

JPY400 (120g)


Delivery service

Delivery service is available at UBER EATS and Rakuten delivery. (The service is offered for limited areas only in Tokyo.)

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