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TORI&DELI is located in Togoshi-Ginza, Tokyo and is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. We provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.



TORI&DELI is one of the more popular shops in Togoshi Ginza, and is featured by the media often. On a daily basis, there are 50-100 customers and 2-300 on the weekends that come enjoy our menu. We offer snacks, boxed lunches and a variety of chicken dishes. So far, we have welcomed customers from as far away as America, Europe, Taiwan, China and Asian countries.
We would like to welcome you to our restaurant soon.
English and Chinese menus are available.

One and only Gluten Free Karaage in Japan

Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale. Gluten causes health problems for those with gluten-related disorders, including wheat allergy. Generally soy sauce contains wheat, but TORI&DELI seasoning liquid of Karaage has no wheat in ingredients in spite of soy sauce flavor.
TORI&DELi is one and only shop in Japan to provide Gluten Free Karaage with soy sauce flavor.

TORI&DELI Karaage is the first to get both prizes, Karaage Grand Prix in Japan, and Monde Selection in the world!!

Karaage Grand Prix

TORI&DELI awarded "GOLD PRIZE" in Japan Karaage Grand Prix sponsored by Japan Karaage Association.

*Japan Karaage Association is founded in 2008 to make more deep communications through Japanese Karaage. It is a general incorporated association created by the Karaage lovers. (Japanese only)

Monde Selection

TORI&DELI Karaage Sauce is awarded at Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium.

*Monde Selection is an annual non-competitive award open to food, drinks, and cosmetics products, created in 1961. It is run by the commercial company, International Institute for Quality Selections, Brussels, Belgium. Consumer products are tasted and tested in order to grant them a quality label awarded by the "International Quality Institute".



Gluten Free Karaage Chicken
Karaage chicken is small pieces of chicken deep fried. Our karaage chicken is Gluten Free.

Hero chicken

Hero Chicken
Japanese children loves these spicy chicken wings so much, they have given it Hero status and thus the name Hero Chicken was given.

Hawaiian Salsa Sauce

Hawaiian Salsa Sauce
Hawaiian salsa is available in Mango, Cilantro, Mango BBQ, Habanero-corn, or Wasabi flavors. All the flavors go well with our Karaage chicken.

Chosyu Herb Chicken

Chosyu Herb Chicken
In our Chosyu fried chicken, we offer onion or burdock root mixed in the batter.

Chicken nanban

Large Fried Chicken
Large Fried Chicken as Chickn Cutlet is a popular Japanese dish. The Chosyu Chicken is breaded and deep fried.

Seared Chicken Skin

Seared Chicken Skin flavored with Ponzu sauce
It is lightly seasoned and easy to bite in to, and is very popular as staple at Izakaya and Yakitori store.


Delivery service

Delivery service is available at UBER EATS and Honestbee. (The service is offered for limited areas only in Tokyo.)

Franchise wanted!

Franchise wanted