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TORI&DELI is located in Togoshi-Ginza, Tokyo and is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. We provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.

Chosyu Herb Chicken

Nagato region is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture where the seas and skies are never ending blue. It is a palce with an abundance of nature and is a perfect environment for breeding and raising health chicken. Chosyu Chicken is fed three kinds of natural herbs with no artificial feed. The result is a rich and mellow sweet tasting chicken. Yamaguchi Prefecture has become very famous for their Chosyu Chicken.

Chosyu Herb Chicken

Choshu-Dori Tsukune bar

Tsukane bar
Tsukune are meat patty mede of minced chicken, lard and vegetables. The long chicken meat patty flavored with sweet shoyu sauce.


Large Fried Chicken (Chicken Cutlet)

Chosyu chicken
Chickn Cutlet is a popular Japanese fevorite in Asian countries and Hawaii. The Chosyu Chicken is breaded, deep fried and sliced into bite sized pieces.


Chicken Nanban

Chosyu chicken
The Kyushu, Miyzaki style chicken is served with sweet Nanban vinegar and tartar sauce.


Boiled Chicken Liver

Chosyu chicken
Boiled Chicken Liver in Japanese soy sauce flavor stewed for 3 days. Chicken liver contains vitamin-A and iron, and very healthy.


Chicken Mixed

Burdock Chosyu

Chosyu chicken
Chosyu Chicken breast and burdock root together are battered and fried, served with tentsuyu (soy sauce fish broth) or Ponzu sauce (soy sauce and citrus juice).


Onion Chosyu

Chosyu chicken
Chosyu Chicken breast and Onion are battered and fried Mixed fried, served with Tentsuyu (soy sauce fish broth) or Ponzu sauce (soy sauce and citrus juice).



Delivery service

Delivery service is available at UBER EATS and Honestbee. (The service is offered for limited areas only in Tokyo.)

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