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TORI&DELI is located in Togoshi-Ginza, Tokyo and is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. We provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.

Hawaiian Salsa Sauce

The Hawaiian salsas we use are directly imported from Hawaii, USA. All of the flavors go well with our karaage chicken dishes. The salsa is available in our restaurant and can be puechased by the bottle. Salsa topping is an additional JPY100 per menu item.

Hawaiian salsa topping

Additional JPY100 on any karaage

Mango Pineapple Salsa

Hawaiian salsa
A "festival in the tropics" is how some people have described this wonderfully balanced salsa. With chunks of tomatoes, onions, mango, pineapple, and authentic spices, this salsa has the best of the truly genuine salsa with the tropical flavor of the islands.

Cilantro Lime Salsa

Hawaiian salsa
Cilantro Lime Salsa is made from the freshest limes giving this salsa a light, crisp, and refreshing flavor. It is combined with fresh cilantro leaves which compliment the tart lime juice.

Tomatillo Wasabi Salsa

Hawaiian salsa
Tomatillo Wasabi Salsa is a vibrant mix of delicious tomatillos and wasabi. Fresh tomatillos have an amazingly bright lemony flavor which compliments the intense sensation of the wasabi heat. Your senses will be in for a surprise when you experience this flavor combination.

Habanero Corn Salsa

Hawaiian salsa
Habanero Corn Salsa is an exciting blend of hot habaneros with sweet juicy kernels of corn. Together they will excite your taste buds and remind you of our islands explosive volcanoes.

Mango BBQ Sauce

Hawaiian BBQ
Bits of mango blended with the smoky rich taste gives the sauce a tropical taste worth the search. This is a one of a kind BBQ Sauce.

Hawaiian cuisine

Large Fried Chicken with Hawaiian Salsa

Hawaiian BBQ
Large Fried Chicken (Chicken Cutlet) is available to sprinkle with the favorite Hawaiian Salsa Sauce of you.


Buffalo Wing

Hawaiian BBQ
Three pieces of deep fried chicken wings coated in spicy Hawaiian BBQ sauce. You will become instantly addicted to this dish.



Delivery service

Delivery service is available at UBER EATS and Honestbee. (The service is offered for limited areas only in Tokyo.)

  • Honestbee

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