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TORI&DELI is located in Togoshi-Ginza, Tokyo and is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. We provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.

Aloha Shoyu Karaage (Gluten Free)

Oita Prefecture is well known for Karaage in Japan, crispy fried chicken, and Aloha shoyu is a popular soy sauce in Hawaii. Our Karaage at TORI & DELI is a fusion of both taste. It is a mild version of the Hawaiian shoyu sweet flavor and crispness of the Oita karaage combined. Our Karaage is marinated overnight in secret sauce (Aloha shoyu and spices) and the batter is potato starch. Our Karaage has no wheat in ingredient and is Gluten Free. You will enjoy the unique flavor of the combination of Hawaii and Japan.
*Remark: Possibly it contains gluten by cross-contamination during cooking process.


Boneless Dark Meat Karaage (Thigh)

Dark meat is thigh meat. It is very tasty and juicy, and the most popular amongst the Japanese.
3-4pcs for 100g

Boneless White Meat Karaage (Breast)

White meat is breast meat and slightly drier than dark meat. Due to its low fat, it is healthier than dark meat; this is a favorite amongst Westerners.
4-5pcs for 100g
JPY250 (100g)


Gizzard is the intenstines of chicken, and is low in calories and high in calcium. It has a popular appetizer which goes well with beer.
4-6pcs for 100g
JPY270 (100g)

Knee Cartilage

Knee Cartilage is chewy and crunchy as well. This goes well in beer.

Chicken Chunks

Chicken Chunks are dark meat cut into small pieces with the bone in. This dish is very popular in Oita Prefecture.
Around 3pcs for 200g

Chicken Wing

chicken wing
Chicken Wing is a popular dish in central Japan. It is served as a light meal and can also be eaten as an appetizer with beer.
JPY130 (1pc)

Tullip Wingstick

Tullip Drumstick
The meat of the wingstick is pulled up, producting an image of a Tulip flower.
JPY140 (1pc)

Karaage Garlic Flavor

Karaage garlic flavor is thigh karaage with fresh garlic which is good for enhancement of physical strength and alleviation of fatigue.
3-4pcs for 100g

Spicy Knee Cartilage

Spicy Knee Cartilage
Spicy Knee Cartilage is flavored with original spices which is originally seasoned by plateau ethnic. It is distinctive flavor.


Mix Combo

This plate is mix of dark and white meat.
100g of Thigh Karaage & 100g of Breast Karaage

JPY490 (200g)

Appetizer Combo

This plate is a combination of gizzard and knee cartilage karaage.
100g of Gizzard Karaage & 100g of Knee Cartilage Karaage


Family Combo (S)

This plate serves 2-3 people and is a combination of dark and white meat with chicken wings.
200g of Thigh Karaage, 200g of Breast Karaage & 4pcs of Chicken Wing Karaage


Family Combo (L)

This plate serves 2-3 people and is a combination of dark and white meat with chicken wings.
300g of Thigh Karaage, 300g of Breast Karaage & 6pcs of Chicken Wing Karaage


Assortment Platter

This platter prepared with your choices of checken serves over 7 people from JPY3,000.


Delivery service

Delivery service is available at UBER EATS and Honestbee. (The service is offered for limited areas only in Tokyo.)

  • Honestbee

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